Ken Edwards

I am a client of the Focus Group CPA. During the year 2004 I was contacted by the IRS stating that I owed the Federal Government $41,000 for the year 2001. Another accountant did my taxes for that year, and when I got the notice a company called the Focus Group was currently representing me. Ever since I got the notice I have been in contact with the Focus Group in getting this matter resolved namely Amit Chandel. Amit was very professional in his dealings with me as a client and very patient in his dealings with the IRS. The matter took some time to resolve with the IRS but Amit kept assuring me from the start that this matter would go away and to just be patient. He showed me in the beginning what the problem was and that it was only matter of time before it got resolved. I thank Amit for his professionalism and outstanding courtesy and the way he represented me during this matter. His firm is top notch and outstanding in their dealings with their clients.


Outcome = $0 paid

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